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The new rules of engagement: How location-based technology builds customer loyalty

Ryan Goh, Vice President of Sales, Zebra Technologies APAC | July 6, 2015
Ryan Goh, Vice President and General Manager, Zebra Technologies Asia Pacific, shares his views on how such location-based technologies can revolutionise the retail industry and help retailers cope with the increasing demands of customers.

To make locationing a reality and reap all of its considerable business rewards, retailers need several important things: A loyalty app with a strong base of users and a compelling value proposition to continue to drive engagement and downloads. From there, a new level of mobile marketing can take flight.

How It Works

Next generation locationing engines use the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Smart features of mobile phone carrying customers to determine where they are in the store and define the action that should take place based on that location. Easy and cost-effective to deploy, these solutions deliver three powerful levels of identification capabilities, allowing you to consistently provide every customer with "personal shopper/concierge" style services right from the app in the palm of their hands. Retailers are then empowered to communicate the right offer at the right location at the right time - creating an impact on customers and business.

Presence: Presence provides some critical pieces of customer information. It detects when a customer walks in the door via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Smart, or if network coverage extends outside, when they pull into the parking lot. This allows for the opportunity for a personalized welcome message, promotional coupon or the location of items on their shopping list.

Zone: Zone allows Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Smart to identify when customers are in specific areas of the store, like the lobby or electronics department. This allows you to dispatch an associate to the area for assistance or again, push product information or personalized coupons to their mobile devices.

Position: Position-level details allow retailers to pinpoint a customer's exact location. This type of visibility can identify individual aisles and product interaction, leading to any number of potential and real-time interactions.

The more real-time information retailers have, the better service customers can expect, and the more revenue generated per customer.

Locationing is definitely the next big thing in retail. It puts more power behind retailers' loyalty app, giving retailers an opportunity to add value to customer relationships in new, dynamic ways via a device that is always within reach. The latest platforms deliver instant visibility to what's happening in the store - how many customers there are and where they are in relation to staff. Such real-time flow analytics help contribute to a reduction in wait times, speed up checkout processes and present an invaluable opportunity to provide relevant, contextual offers and attentive service that can elevate the shopper experience.

When evaluating options, retailers should look for solutions that provide multiple levels of presence, capture and store data and allow access to the system from anywhere on virtually any device. Advanced analytics will help identify buying trends, traffic patterns and customer behaviors so that all elements of the store experience can be optimized in real-time to drive efficiencies and greater profitability.

Investing in the right locationing solution will give retailers an opportunity to engage with customers in exciting new ways, and win their business - and loyalty - every time they shop.


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