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The outrage gap: How Apple always gets top billing

The Macalope | Oct. 7, 2014
If there's no such thing as bad publicity then Apple's got it made.

Yeah, it's actually the latter and you know how the Macalope knows it's the latter?

"Samsung Galaxy Note 4 launch met with 'screen gap' manufacturing issue"

It appears Samsung's launch of its new Galaxy Note 4 is running into issues with a number of early customers in Korea reporting a manufacturing problem causing a large gap between the display the frame of the device.

Now, you might have missed all the pieces on the national news stories about this and the late-night talk show jokes about it and the outcry from Huffington Post writers because, well, there weren't any.

But don't worry, because Samsung is on it.

This gap is a necessary manufacturing feature and some minor rocking or vibration of parts may occur...

In other words, if Samsung's van-sized phone's a-rockin' because of a design flaw, don't come a-knockin' looking for a refund. It's a feature.

So, Samsung's phone ships like this but what we hear about is how people can bend their iPhones. Well, that's typical.

Top billing
Still think the Macalope is kidding about this disparity? No, you probably don't because you're reading an Apple-centric site. It's selection bias. But would it kill you to play along?


(There you go. Thanks for that.)

Well! Here's more proof for you, unbeliever! Bloomberg's Dune Lawrence and Micheal Riley say:

"Hackers Target Hong Kong Protesters via iPhones" (tip o' the antlers to papanic)

GASP. Now, take careful note of the devices listed in that headline. There is only one and it is the iPhone. You might want to jot that down. We'll come back to it later.

In our digital age, geopolitics plays out in cyberspace...

"Cyberspace?" Hang on while the Macalope comically checks his calendar. Hang on while the horny one pages Prince because Lawrence and Riley are partying like it's 1999. Hang on while this furry mythical beast pretends to accept a call from the late 1990s, in which the late 1990s are anthropomorphized and are demanding to have their words back. much as in physical space. The latest evidence comes straight from Hong Kong, where tens of thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators have been calling for the territory's leader, C.Y. Leung, to resign. ...

China's cyber spies have reacted as well, with malicious software designed to infiltrate demonstrators' iPhones and Android devices.

Oh. So now it's iPhones and Android devices. Well, that headline was super-long. Using "smartphones" instead of "iPhones" was probably out of the question. Those extra four characters cost money, you know.

Malware targeting iPhones is relatively rare.


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