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The role of technology in a post-TPP business environment

Anthony McMahon, SVP, Global Partner Operations, SAP Asia Pacific Japan | Aug. 5, 2015
What are the implications for businesses in Singapore when the Trans Pacific Partnership is finally forged?

With all of these factors at play, businesses will have to decide if they want to run simple — or be left behind.

So what is the answer? The answer is in the cloud.

Adopting cloud-based technologies provides businesses in Singapore with opportunities to drastically improve the way they operate in the new economy. By leveraging the cloud businesses can: gain access to the most current and innovative applications and software; streamline processes providing businesses the agility needed to run simply across geographies; develop and run custom applications to suit unique growing business needs; and, improve channels for collaboration with customers, partners and suppliers.

Harnessing the power of partners
In addition to adopting the right technology to capitalise on the opportunities in the new digital economy, businesses must also possess a sound understanding of the local and regional markets they aim to expand in. Here, partners can help.

Local partners with local knowledge are critical for companies who want to leverage overseas opportunities. A strong partner ecosystem provides businesses in Singapore with competitive insights into the business environment they aspire to operate in, from customer behaviour and needs, to regulations and best practices.

By mobilising partners across borders, companies can bring in more revenue and gain an edge over their competitors. With the global economy becoming borderless and increasingly hyper connected, economic models are being reshaped requiring businesses to work with partners hand in hand to better compete. By harnessing the power of a strong partner ecosystem, businesses in Singapore will be better equipped with an essential, robust understanding of local markets they choose to expand in, with their systems compliant with local and international regulations, positioning them on a stronger footing for success in the new digital economy.


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