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Those who do not study history: Apple devices are usually different

The Macalope | Jan. 20, 2015
We know the Apple Watch will stink because all current smartwatches stink. QED.

Go look at Apple's product page for the Watch. Does that appear to be being marketed as a "fitness band"? It's not. It's being marketed as a fashion accessory.

The problem with the Apple Watch is the same as every other similar device...

For 2001 commentary, insert "iPod" for "Apple Watch." For 2007 commentary, insert "iPhone" for "Apple Watch." For 2010 commentary, insert "iPad" for "Apple Watch."

Does the Macalope claim the Apple Watch will sell like silver dollar hotcakes? Well, maybe, because most hotcake sales are of the large variety. OK, bad analogy. The point is, studies of currently selling devices have no bearing on sales of an upcoming Apple device. If you didn't notice this the firstthreetimes we went through it, then you're not paying attention.


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