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Three Entrepreneurs Startups Can Learn From

Simon Tate, Area Vice President, Commercial Business Unit, Asia, Salesforce | Aug. 3, 2015
Adopting technology that boosts innovation and productivity is key to small and medium businesses.

The ubiquitous nature of technology today enables start-ups to forge deep connections to their customers via the cloud. Cloud solutions manage customer relations, conduct predictive analytics and automate marketing strategies empowering start-ups to compete against larger companies on a level playing field.

Fostering a pioneering spirit
When we consider entrepreneurs with a knack for leading the way, Richard Branson, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Virgin Group, comes to mind. Branson has his fingers in many pies — including founding Virgin Galactic — a space tourism company. Virgin Galactic is an example of Branson's willingness to explore new frontiers and take risks where no one has gone before.

Through hiring the right people, start-ups maximise their spirit of curiosity, and a culture that is open to experimenting, innovating, and constant learning. This is supported by being open to cloud solutions and the latest technologies, and by tapping onto programmes and grants that encourage innovation like Spring Singapore's Capability Development Grants, which supports a wide range of innovation activities from developing intellectual properties to new brands.

Start-ups need to look at how they can innovate and improve productivity by adopting technology solutions and staying interested. With the right mix of people, technology, and ecosystem, start-ups can look forward to fast growth and future success.


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