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Welcome, generation V

Mary Ann Maxwell | Aug. 20, 2008
As we dive deeper into an online world, we need something more insightful to describe society's different groupings. Mary Ann Maxwell explains.

3. Finally, generation V's value set is subtly different. This group overwhelmingly believes in a meritocratic environment, the value of collaboration, that 'we' is more powerful than 'me', and that sharing increases the value of something rather than diminishing or eroding it.

Balance of power

Generation V is making the Internet the platform for a collective consciousness, reshaping the balance of power among technology, enterprises and individuals.

Although the rise of generation V may threaten established business models and power structures, it is not driven by a need for destruction. Generation V demonstrates a passion and desire for creativity, collaboration, belonging and self-determination. I suspect many of us would much rather be known as a member of generation V than be catalogued by our year of birth as a self-absorbed workaholic baby boomer, a whinging gen X, or an arrogant and entitled gen Y.


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