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Welcome to the year of the customer

Simon Tate, Area Vice President for Commercial Business, Salesforce | Jan. 11, 2016
In our interconnected world today, customers expect better, faster, and more personalised service than ever before. In this Year of the Monkey, how will technology change the way customers expect brands to engage them?

Relationship intelligence - a technology solution that automatically captures, analyzes and surfaces information relevant for the customer relationship from email, calendars and more - will grow in importance in 2016 as more enterprises look for a way to mine data. This Jarvis of the workplace will seek out the patterns needed to provide insights into future outcomes, proactively recommending courses of action to build stronger relationships with prospective or current customers.

Increasing Emphasis on the Customer

The digital journey is transforming the way customers get introduced to and engage with brands. Customers now interact with brands through multiple communication channels and devices. Additionally, industry disruption from innovative enterprises has become the norm. In this competitive, ever-changing business environment, IDC advises businesses to move out from their comfort zones and leverage technology to address the gaps in customer experience.

More than ever before, organizations of every size and industry are looking for solutions to transform how they work and engage with customers to drive growth. 2015 may have been the year of new terms such as IoT or wearables - but 2016 looks set to be the year when the discussion moves beyond technology to how technology is a means to a customer-centric end. This means that enterprises won't just want to talk about IoT or wearables, but rather how wearables can contribute to the overall customer experience. The businesses that put the customer at the centre of everything they do in 2016 will be the ones that succeed.


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