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Whats next for IT in 2009

MIS Asia Staff | Jan. 16, 2009
Steven Leonard, President, EMC Asia Pacific & Japan, shares his views with MIS Asia readers. 

What does EMC think will be the top three IT management issues for the Asia Pacific region in 2009 and why?

This downturn is testing the ability of even the strongest of companies to reshape and streamline themselves to ensure their future growth and prosperity, and the focus continues to be on operational costs and return-on-investment. In every economic downturn there is always a customer flight to quality.  Customers want to do more business with the suppliers and partners they know and trust and who will be there for the long term. I believe EMC will be a major beneficiary of this behavior. Our products and services are the highest quality and most competitive theyve ever been, and are aimed squarely at customers top IT priorities.  Most important, we have tremendously talented and dedicated people across the globe.  

There will also be a need to manage exploding information growth. Regardless of the economic situation, the Digital Universe will continue to grow exponentially. According to an IDC study, the Digital Universe is projected to be nearly 1.8 zettabytes (18 billion gigabytes) in 2011. This is a tenfold increase over 5 years. The disparity between creation and storage, accompanied by compliance requirements, will force businesses to rethink their IT strategies.

Another significant IT management issue is striking a balance between what is important and what is urgent. Management needs to be able to distinguish between mission critical and business critical. Mission critical is important, whilst business critical is urgent and includes issues such as disaster recovery and business continuity.

What does EMC believe will be the top three key technologies to dominate Asia Pacific IT in 2009?

In a challenging environment, the three key technologies which we think will dominate are:-

Virtualization Server and storage virtualization is a no brainer because of the clear and tangible way it allows customers to do more with less, at an exponential rate.

Information Storage & Management Information continues to grow and needs to be managed cost effectively and intelligently. Technologies like data-de-duplication, tiered storage based on information lifecycle management and more power efficient ways to consolidate storage arrays will be in strong demand.

Governance & Compliance Organizations are well aware that todays financial crisis may have been prevented with appropriate governance and compliance and legislation is expected to grow in this area. Technologies like e-Discovery, information-centric security, information risk management technologies that enables a company to take the greatest amount of risk that it is willing to accept, so it can grow at the greatest possible rate, will all be in great demand.

If I could add a fourth area that would be of importance in 2009, it would be:


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