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Whole Foods CEO resumes blogging to explain past brouhaha

Heather Havenstein | May 8, 2008
John Mackey, who came under fire for using anonymous online posts to bash competitors, is back in the blogging saddle.

"I didn't realize posting under a screen name in an online community such as Yahoo would be so controversial and would cause so many people to be upset," Mackey concluded. "That was a mistake in judgment on my part and one that I deeply regret. If I could get a 'do over' on this one, I certainly would choose not to have ever participated in the Yahoo online financial communities."

Paul Glazowski, a blogger at Mashable, noted that mixing a CEO and blogging can at times be tricky unless the CEO's primary occupation is blogging. "Either the executive is labeled with the stop-blogging-start-working tag, or the CEO stretches the bounds of corporate propriety and speaks in ways unusual and possibly conflicting," he noted. "A face for second premise is the CEO of Whole Foods, John Mackey."

Glazowski went on to question Mackey's assertion that being consistent with the online custom of posting anonymously was more important than being transparent if his arguments were based on accurate data and well-reasoned.

"A critic can take that statement one of two ways," Glazowski added. "Mackey is hedging on a technicality, or he was not posting in forums as the chief executive of a national grocery chain. I would say, looking at the man's history with the company, that he's a sensible fellow, so I'll posit numero uno as his out."


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