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Why this iPhone fever?

Zafar Anjum | Aug. 29, 2008
Why did people go crazy after the iPhone? Why did it generate so much public hysteria?

The midnight Singapore launch of the iPhone last week created quite a frenzyobviously youd know that unless you were in Timbuktu with your fingers stuck in your ears.  

For the record, the sensation-creating Apple device was first launched in July. In round two, it was launched in 22 countries on August 22 (you notice the 22s?).

Among the 22 countries, only four countries in Asia got the iPhone in this round: India, Macau, the Philippines, and of course, Singapore.  Hong Kong and Japan had already received it in the first round of the launch itself, on July 11.

I dont know how much passion the phones launch generated in Macau and the Philippines, but I surely want to talk about the launch in Singapore and India.

Upbeat in Singapore

In Singapore, iPhone aficionados were up all night to grab a piece of the wonder. Even at midnight, snaking lines were seen around SingTels Comcenter headquarters and at other outlets thereafter, despite the inclement weather. A gleeful Joel Pan became the first person to buy the iPhone 3G in Singapore (Will it go to the Guinness Book of Records? I wonder).

Joel PanThe question I want to ask is this: Why did people go crazy after the iPhone? Why did it generate so much public hysteria? After all, it was just a phone. Ok, not just a phone but a smartphone. Ok, not just a smartphone but one from the stable of Steve Jobs Apple. So?

The local media reported how no other mobile phone launch had ever attracted so much consumer affection. In short, the iPhone got a red carpet reception worthy of a superstar. But why?

I think the geeks, ever since the first launch of the iPhone, were scratching their palms. Once in their hands, they could love it or they could hate it but ignore it they could not. They had to have a taste of the cherry. They had to be the first ones to sample this virgin product and boast to the world how it tasted for their palates. Chew on it, folks!

Others did it to look ubercoolthe ones who go with the zeitgeist of the times. In their opinion, they seized the day, if you will. Carpe diem guys!

Yet others did it for loveboyfriends wanting to give it to their girlfriends or boyfriends (we are not here to debate orientations of any sort) or vice versa.  The cool gadget became the latest (or in) beast of burden to carry their message of love. Wink, wink mates!


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