Readers Choice Awards celebrates the achievement of technology companies behind the hardware, software and services taking the 45 categories under 8 main sections, ranging from information security and communications to software platforms and applications.

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(i) System management software
Family of software tools for managing heterogenous IT infrastructures.

(ii) Application servers (software)
Software suites/families that handle all application operations running between users and an organisation's backend business applications or databases.

(iii) Database management systems
Software-based system that enables the collection of data, and ensures their easy and secure accessibility, management and constant update.

(iv) IT asset management systems
Software-based systems that automate the process of IT auditing, inventory tracking and reporting, and facilitate their effective management.

(v) Open source platforms/operating systems
Open source platforms/operating systems in current deployment within enterprises on which reside business- or mission-critical systems.


(i) Information security suites
Software suites that take care of antivirus, antispam and/or antispyware duties across corporate systems.

(ii) Enterprise firewall and VPN
Total solutions (hardware-based) that offer the two. A network firewall protects against unauthorised incoming or outgoing access. A VPN secures a dedicated connection to a corporate network over the Internet.

(iii) Identity management
Total solution suites/product families (software-based) providing a technical and service infrastructure that enables the creation, management and authentication of user identities and provision of access and services based on them-across the enterprise and the Internet.

(iv) Intrusion detection/prevention systems
Total solution suites/product families (hardware-based) that are devoted to detecting and preventing unauthorised intrusions into the enterprise network.

(v) Unified threat management
Security appliances that counter multiple security risks and threats-e-mail spam, viruses, intrusions, Web content filtering and what usually come within the purview of a firewall-in an integrated manner.


(i) Customer relationship management
Software that helps an enterprise manage customer relationships.

(ii) Business intelligence
Software for handling the various tasks to do with BI, ranging from information access through its analysis and reporting.

(iii) Data mining
Database applications that enable enterprises to look for strategic trends and market patterns in a complex of data.

(iv) Collaboration Platform
Integrated e-mail and other communications and collaboration software (incorporating group scheduling, instant messaging, real time conferencing and such).

(v) Enterprise content management
Software that manages all kinds of business content at the enterprise, regardless of media, as a central store for quick retrieval, updates etc.

(vi) Enterprise resource planning
Software for integrating all the functions and departments of an enterprise in order to provide a comprehensive view of the entire organisation, empowering management with the visibility needed for strategic decision making.

(vii) Supply chain management
Software that provides insights along the entire supply chain of an enterprise's operations-encompassing links to partners and the processes therein-and the means to their management.


(i) Enterprise mobile communication devices
Smart mobile devices (incl. PDAs) and phones for connecting to the Web and working on productivity applications on the go.

(ii) Unified communications software suites
Convergent software-based systems that make use of packet technology to exchange voice, fax and data over a common network.

(iii) Unified communications hardware providers
Vendors behind devices that make use of packet technology to exchange voice, fax and data over a common network.

(iv) WAN accelerator
Tools to accelerate and improve performance of your WAN.


(i) Tape systems
Families of tape drives, autoloaders and libraries.

(ii) Enterprise disk systems
Families of primary drives, SAN, NAS or DAS.

(iii) Storage management software
Management tools for a heterogeneous storage environment, with a central repository of information and metadata about all storage devices and agents installed on servers and in the SAN for monitoring and controlling storage components.

(iv) Backup software
Software for backup, recovery, snapshot and replication.

(v) E-mail archiving systems
A system for saving and protecting data contained in email messages so that it can be accessed easily at a later date.

(vi) SAN switches
Storage fabric switch that connects servers and storage devices in a storage area network.


(i) Mobile computers
Notebooks and tablet PCs.

(ii) Entry-level servers
Low-cost datacentre class servers.

(iii) Mid-range servers
Servers with enterprise-class features and deliver high performance.

(iv) High-end enterprise servers
High-spec servers that offer greater performance and low cost operations.

(v) Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
Enterprise-class standby power systems that regulate power to computer systems and provide battery backup in case of failure.

(vi) Multifunction (all-in-one) printers/photocopiers provider
Enterprise-class MFD/AIO product families by vendor.

(vii) Digital projectors provider
Enterprise-class digital projectors.

(viii) Enterprise routers and switches
Routers and switches for corporate LAN and WAN.

(ix) Wireless routers
Routers for wireless corporate LAN

(x) Physical Infrastructure - Cabling
Vendor that supplies the physical infrastructure component of network cabling.


(i) Consulting & integration
Services devoted to helping client organisations in their strategic application of IT to business in a way that delivers top-dollar returns and long-term growth.

(ii) Support & maintenance
Services ensuring the maximum operational efficiency of client organisations' ICT infrastructures and other IT assets.

(iii) Data centre and hosting
Includes data centre operations, collocation/server hosting, data backup and disaster recovery services.

(iv) Managed connectivity
Includes IP/Internet and data services, end-to-end network and CPE monitoring and management.

(v) Service oriented architecture (SOA)
Services rendered specifically in the area of SOA-oriented IT infrastructure planning, implementation and extension.


(i) Desktop virtualisation solutions
Provider of complete desktop virtualisation solutions for enterprises.

(ii) Server virtualisation solutions
Provider of complete server virtualisation solutions for enterprises.

(iii) Storage virtualisation solutions
Provider of complete storage virtualisation solutions for enterprises.