The Way

In putting together the category listings and the Readers Choice Awards 2010 voting form, the editorial team scanned the market, canvassed members of the user and vendor communities, and directly solicited nominations from the vendors or service providers themselves. Then came the qualification process-the team went through the list of nominations and made certain that each solution, package or vendor belongs to the category it was put up for.

After this exercise, the final list of solutions, packages or organisations were put onto the e-voting ballots for each product category, which were then made 'live' on the Web.

Our readers-a demographic that basically spans the broad spectrum of this nation's most progressive all the way through most conservative information and communication technology professionals-vote.

The editorial and research teams came in at the end of the polling period to count the votes, confirm the numbers and rankings, and release the results.

Ultimately, as with all other editions of the Readers Choice Awards, the readers of our magazine in this country chose the award winners.

How do you get them to do so in future? By taking the following four steps.

One: make good products and formulate great solution packages. Good as they work in the real world of enterprise deployment and business use. This is the first and single most important step, because it comes back to you good or bad when you take step three.

Two: get as many customers as you can, and sell them as many of your solutions as you can.

Three: do not make them unhappy or angry. This sounds to some as difficult. But it is really moderately easy. Through the years we have come to realise that this is an easy-to-reach basement standard to make. We have also seen evidence indicating that making this basement standard could virtually assure a provider of favourable reviews from the majority of its customers.

Four: when time comes for voting, mobilise your happy customers to get online and fill their e-ballots.