Why CyberSecurity Malaysia was in Azerbaijan

AvantiKumar | Nov. 13, 2017
CyberSecurity Malaysia CEO Dato’ Dr Amirudin Abdul Wahab told Computerworld Malaysia that some 200 participants from 34 countries gathered in Baku, Azerbaijan to discuss their cyber security agendas.


Photo (official): OIC-CERT 2017 Participants


  Some 200 participants from the computer emergency response teams from 34 countries recently gathered in Baku, Azerbaijan to discuss cyber security agendas.  

The participants, which included representatives from 21 Organisation of Islamic Cooperation - Computer Emergency Response Team (OIC-CERT) member countries, attended (6 to 9 November) the ninth edition of this annual event, this time - themed 'Uncovering Future Threats.'

Officiating the proceedings, Mursal Valiyev, the deputy head of Special State Protection Services and Head of Special Communication and Information Security State Agency of Azerbaijan, said:  "International collaboration and cooperation in the field of cybersecurity is crucial in combating cybercrime as no one nation can work alone in facing its borderless nature."

Chairman of the board of directors for CyberSecurity Malaysia, General Tan Sri Dato' Seri Panglima Mohd Azumi Mohamed (Retired), who is advisor  to the OIC-CERT Chair  explained that this year's theme is concerned with "uncovering future cyber threats looming on the horizon and the need to ensure that all levels of organisations are well prepared to face any circumstances."
"With the right focus and efforts, the damages caused by these threats can be minimised," Tan Sri Azumi said.
 What's different this year?
Engr. Bader Ali Said Al Salehi, the Chair of the OIC-CERT and the director general of the Oman National CERT, said, "This annual event has the most country participation so far and this provides a good opportunity for OIC-CERT members to have face-to-face interaction to discuss cyber security and incident handling issues".
He also suggested that this year's theme "blended well with the OIC-CERT cyber security strategy and business plan that looks into organisational structure, standards and regulations, technical and technology, capacity building, international cooperation and promotion and awareness."
In conjunction with the Annual Conference, two technical workshops and a forum session were conducted. The workshop on the National Framework for Cybersecurity Education involved exercises simulating business environment facing a series of unexpected cyber threats, and the workshop Utilizing Endpoint Analysis Data on Big Data Platforms to Discover Threats Against Large Scale Enterprises.  The forum session with ADA University on Transforming Education with Technology was held to discuss the state of education in Information Communication Technology.

OIC-CERT was established in year 2009, to provide a platform for member countries to explore and to develop collaborative initiatives and possible partnerships in matters pertaining to cyber security that shall strengthen their self-reliant in the cyberspace.  To date, the OIC-CERT has 41 members from 21 OIC countries.
Malaysia's role

On Saturday (11 November 2017), CyberSecurity Malaysia's chief executive officer Dato' Dr Amirudin Abdul Wahab (pic below) confirmed to Computerworld Malaysia that the four-day conference was part of a continuous initiative by the OIC-CERT to enhance cyber security and raising awareness through international cooperation among the members and other information security organisations.

CSM CEO Dato'Dr Amirudin  2017-11-11

These include topics and issues pertaining to threat origins; the different approaches in mitigating cyber-attacks; and the need for new governance and security solutions in curtailing new challenges in cyber security.

"I was also one of the invited speakers sharing Malaysia's experience in 'Uncovering Future Threats,' the theme of OIC CERT 2017," he said

Dr Amirudin revisited the wider picture of CyberSecurity Malaysia's role in the evolution of OIC-CERT as a vital cog in international collaboration efforts in the global digital security war.

Among the highlights, CyberSecurity Malaysia was appointed as permanent secretariat of the OIC-CERT during its 5th annual general meeting held recently in Bandung, Indonesia, in November 2013. Taking a leading role in various exercises such as August 2015 saw CyberSecurity Malaysian leading a drill, themed Global Alliance for Cyber Green Achievement, which involved 12 CERT teams from 11 countries (Malaysia, Morocco, Oman, Tunisia, Ivory Coast, Indonesia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Mongolia, Egypt and Ghana).

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Malaysia has initiated a capacity building programme called Global Accredited Cybersecurity Education or Global ACE Scheme among OIC countries and 10 countries had declared interest to learn from Malaysia and more OIC countries expected to develop similar scheme like Malaysia.

"We will launch this Global ACE Scheme next year in Malaysia," he added.  He explained that this event series also opens up the arena for similar new cybersecurity partnerships. So far, the gatherings have strengthened a platform for information of security issues, and helped to enhance technical and administrative capabilities in incident handling."

Wajdi Al Quliti, the OIC's director of Information Technology Department also reaffirmed the OIC's "continued concern with the emergence of an ever-evolving new patterns and trend in international terrorism and violent extremism particularly cyber terrorism and crime in the area of cyber space."

He then went on to announce the launch of the OIC Cyber Security Centre, which is expected to be operational in the "very near future to combat cyberterrorism."

Dr Amirudin ended by informing Computerworld Malaysia that Malaysia is to host the 30th edition of FIRST (US based Forum of Incident Response Teams) 2018 from 24-29 June 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, in partnership with Cybersecurity Malaysia and makes Malaysia the first of the OIC member countries to host the event.

Chairman of FIRST makes announcement

Photo: At the OIC-CERT 2017 podium, Thomas Schreck, Chairman of FIRST announces that Malaysia will host 30th edition of FIRST 2018

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