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10 ways to bring together your PC and Android phone

JR Raphael | Sept. 4, 2015
Your smartphone and desktop computer can interoperate in powerful ways. Here's how to make it happen

A lovely notion, isn't it? Well, quit your daydreaming and make it a reality. A free app called Pushbullet provides the power to create a universal clipboard that connects your desktop and mobile devices in a massively time-saving way.

Install the app on your phone and install the companion app for your desktop system. Open up the app's settings on Android and make sure "Universal copy & paste" is activated.

That's it: Your clipboards are now connected. Anytime you copy text on your computer, you can paste it instantly on your Android device -- and anytime you copy text on your phone, you can paste it anywhere on your PC. All you have to do is use the regular system-level copy and paste commands, as you normally would.

5. Share Web pages, images, and files

While we're on the subject of Pushbullet, take a minute to check out the app's content-sharing capabilities. Pushbullet makes it dead simple to send Web pages, images, and any other files between your computer and phone -- no wires required.

Whenever you encounter an item you want to share from your phone, use the regular Android share command -- readily available in most apps and system processes -- and select Pushbullet as the place to where you want to share it. On the PC side, Pushbullet offers browser extensions that you can click on anytime you want to share.

Whether it's a Web page or a file you're passing between devices, it'll pop up in a new window on the receiving system seconds after you send it.

6. Give yourself a reminder

Google Now has a great reminder system that lets you set memos for certain times or even locations. You don't have to use your phone to create them, though: From any desktop browser where you're signed in, type "Remind me" into Google to pull up an Android-connected dialog box. You can then fill in your note along with where or when you want it to pop up, and Google will ping your phone at the appropriate place or time.

(You can also save a step and type the full command at once -- "Remind me to call Myrtle at 6 tonight," for example, or "Remind me to buy pickles when I get to LAX.")

Want to see your reminders from a PC? Type "Show me my reminders" into You'll get a list of both upcoming and past reminders connected to your account.

7. Send yourself a note

Reminders are useful when you have a future time or place in mind, but if you want to make a note that'll appear right away and be ready for immediate action, the "Note to self" command is what you need.


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