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10 ways to bring together your PC and Android phone

JR Raphael | Sept. 4, 2015
Your smartphone and desktop computer can interoperate in powerful ways. Here's how to make it happen

Note to self
Send a note to your phone directly from your PC by typing "Note to self" into Google, then your note.

Type it into Google on your PC -- followed by the actual contents of your note -- and whatever you send will show up as a notification on your phone. You can then copy the text and/or share it directly to an app like Gmail or Google Keep.

8. Set an alarm

Need a full-fledged alarm set on your phone? Do the dirty work from your computer by typing "Set an alarm" into Google. That's the easy part; it's up to you to wake up.

9. Access your entire computer from your phone

We couldn't talk about connecting your computer with your Android phone without mentioning the most direct connection of all: Being able to access your entire computer from your smartphone's screen. Thanks to Google's free Chrome Remote Desktop app, it's easier than ever to do.

First, get the app on your phone and put the companion desktop app on your computer. (The desktop app will work on any platform where the Chrome browser can run.) Then pull up the Android app the next time you need to hop onto your computer remotely. You'll be able to move around your desktop, manipulate files, and even run programs from the palm of your hand.

10. Control your phone from your computer

Last but not least, the flip side: Control your phone from your computer. Snag an app called AirDroid and go to on your PC. You'll be able to perform tasks like sending and receiving texts and looking through missed calls. With the right device, you'll even be able to see your full Android home screen and control your phone from your full-size monitor.

With that kind of cross-platform connectivity at your fingertips, there's practically no limit to what you'll be able to accomplish.*

* So long as said accomplishments revolve around, you know, syncing stuff between your phone and desktop computer. Let's be realistic, OK?


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