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11 Google Sheets tips for businesses 2016

Christina Mercer | June 28, 2016
We reveal how to use Google Sheets for business 2016

5. Upload images faster

11 Google Sheets tips: Upload images faster
Photo: Google

Images can be uploaded via file upload in Google Sheets, but if you're in a rush here's how to do it quicker:

=image("place URL here")

6. Create QR codes

11 Google Sheets tips: Create QR codes
Photo: Google

QR codes are ubiquitous these days. They're a great way to share contact details, URLs, product information, and other brief amounts of text.

1. Install the QR Code Generator add-on

2. Input the data required (i.e. name of customer and unique code)

3. Click 'ad-ons' and then 'QR Code Generator'. From there you can click 'generate' to create QR codes.

7. Get more currencies

11 Google Sheets tips: Get more currencies
Photo: Google

To access more currencies couldn't be simpler, but not many people know how.

Click the '123' button and then 'more formats', you'll see a tab marked 'more currencies' click that and you can choose from a huge list.

8. Create surveys and collection its data

11 Google Sheets tips: Create surveys and collection its data
Photo: Google

Many businesses rely on surveys to gather important information on its customers and market but survey creation and gathering its data can be a chore, here's how to do it faster and easier:

Click 'Insert' and then 'Form' or click 'tools' then 'create a form.'

9. Get Power Tools to edit faster

11 Google Sheets tips: Get Power Tools to edit faster
Photo: Google

The Power Tools add-on offers easy editing shortcuts from removing characters to formatting numbers, dates and split values.

10. Spell check in Google Sheets

11 Google Sheets tips: Spell check in Google Sheets
Photo: Google

Not automatically correcting or highlighting spelling mistakes could leave fast typers a little red faced. Now Google Sheets can spell-check entire sheets or individual cells for you.

Highlight the chosen area (or don't for whole sheet) and go to 'tools', from there click 'spelling' and it will open a panel with a familiar spell check interface.

11. Email notifications

11 Google Sheets tips: Email notifications
Photo: Google

This tip might not be for everyone, depending on how often a sheet is updated, but here's how to turn on email notifications on Google Sheets.

Go to 'tools' then 'notification rules'. From there you can choose whether to be notified when a change is made or when a user submits a form. You can also limit notifications to a 'daily digest' so not to be bombarded with emails.

Source: Computerworld UK


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