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11 Hadoop deployments and use cases in the enterprise

Scott Carey | June 27, 2016
Here are a handful of companies using the increasingly popular Hadoop technology for big data projects

The business uses Hortonworks' Hadoop analytics tools to transform the way it manages data across the organisation, freeing the analytics team to deliver insights on proprietary information held in its data warehouse.

4. British Airways

Hadoop in the enterprise: British Airways

British Airways deployed its first instance of Hadoop in April 2015, as a data archive for legal cases that were primarily stored, at a high cost, on its enterprise data warehouse (EDW) platform.

Since deploying Hortonworks 2.2 HDP, Spanos said his department has returned on its investment within a year, and is able to deliver 75 percent more free space for new projects, which translates to cost reductions to the airline's finance team.

British Airways' data exploitation manager Alan Spanos said: "In business intelligence, if you don't adopt this technology to do at least part of your job role, you will not exist in a few years' time. You can only go so far with traditional technology. It still has a place within your architecture, but quite frankly, this is where you need to be."

5. Western Union

Hadoop in the enterprise: Western Union

Global payments provider Western Union implemented a Hadoop-based data analytics platform from Cloudera in 2014 to provide a more personalised experience for its customers.

Using Cloudera Enterprise, Western Union is able to more efficiently store and process real-time analytics on what the vendor describes as "one of the world's largest enterprise data sets".

Cloudera's Apache Hadoop implementation helps Western Union centralise its global customer data in an enterprise data hub, and supports pattern recognition and predictive modelling. The big data analytics platform is aimed at creating a more personalised experience across multiple products and service delivery channels for Western Union customers.


Hadoop in the enterprise:

European gaming giant and creator of Candy deployed Cloudera's Distribution for Apache Hadoop in 2012. The aim was to run analytics for every 'event', or action, its millions of users take during gameplay.

The company's director of data warehousing, Mats-Mats Eriksson, told Computerworld UK that using analytics is vital to its success online.

"Analytics is one of the things that made the thing that it is today," Eriksson explained. "In the universe that we operate in, gaming online, it is absolutely essential to know as much as possible about the players and optimise everything." 

"Everybody wants a business case for Hadoop, but for me it is simply about difference between knowing what happens in a game and not knowing."

7. Yahoo

Hadoop in the enterprise: Yahoo

Yahoo started using data analytics company Splunk's Hadoop tool, Hunk, in 2015. By analysing its IT operations in real time, the firm has saved millions in hardware costs in a year.


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