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11 Hadoop deployments and use cases in the enterprise

Scott Carey | June 27, 2016
Here are a handful of companies using the increasingly popular Hadoop technology for big data projects

Yahoo analyses 150 terabytes of machine data with Splunk Enterprise every day. This information is used to optimise IT operations, applications delivery and security, as well as business analytics to better understand the customer and personalise search results.

Hundreds of employees are now using Hunk to analyse and visualise 600 petabytes of data, to cost-effectively monitor its infrastructure, as well as Splunk Enterprise.

8. Expedia

Hadoop in the enterprise: Expedia

Expedia planned to double its Hadoop investment back in 2015 and was an early adopter of Hortoworks project Apache Falcon to crunch large volumes of numbers.

Expedia previously used a DB2 database in conjunction with various instances of Microsoft SQL server, which became increasingly expensive to scale as data volume increased with the business growing organically, along with acquiring several travel companies including Trivago and

Since moving to Hadoop, the firm has seen costs drop and is able to both store and process data using the cluster.

Woodhead, who is data platform technical lead for, revealed that "hundreds" of employees across different departments and offices, one of which is based in London, used the two-petabyte cluster for web traffic, bookings and travel reviews.


Hadoop in the enterprise: uses Hadoop for huge data storage and offline analytics - that means crunching large amounts of data and not expecting an answer within a millisecond. Cassandra, on the other hand, is used in the online transactional world "where you need an answer below ten milliseconds".

It can also store the data, but is targeted at online for its speedy capabilities. The business moved from traditional relational databases like Microsoft SQL server three years ago to become "active/active".

Chief technology officer at, Thierry Bedos, said: "We started solving a real issue for the business - which was customer service and personalising what we offer them online - whereas some firms use big data as an innovation project and say 'we need to play with big data, let's think of some cool use cases we think will add value'".

10. Marks and Spencer

Hadoop in the enterprise: Marks and Spencer

Retail giant M&S adopted the Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub Editionsystem in 2015 to analyse data from multiple sources, to better understand customer behaviour.

Jagpal Jheeta, head of business information and customer insight at M&S, said: "Smart and efficient data usage is a key focus at M&S, as it ultimately fuels better customer insight, engagement and loyalty. We needed a scalable, robust and future-proof strategic partner. Cloudera is aiding us in leveraging analytics to better serve the business now and in the future."


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