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15 hot programming trends -- and 15 going cold

Peter Wayner | Jan. 7, 2014
We present you with a list of what's hot and what's not among today's programmers. Not everyone will agree but that's what makes programming an endlessly fascinating profession.

The Node.js world also benefits from offering harmony between browser and server. The same code runs on both making it easier for developers to move around features and duplicate functionality. As a result, Node.js layers have become the hottest stacks on the Internet.

Hot: Hackerspaces
Not: College
One costs $250,000 for four years. The other charges about $50 a month, with big discounts for paying in advance. One uses the money to buy football stadiums, fancy houses for the president, flashy dorms, and four-color magazines. The other buys 3D printers, oscilloscopes, soldering irons, and more.

Hackerspaces are stepping up to nurture innovation without the outrageous overhead of the college industrial complex. They are creating the social networks that spawn startups and build wealth but without the bureaucracy and foolish consistencies Emerson called the "hobgoblin of little minds." Courses don't need to last an entire semester. Students don't need to start campaigning for admission a year before starting to learn. The ad-hoc nature is fast proving better suited for the rapidly moving world of technology.


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