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9 top tips for enterprise IoT: How to implement the internet of things

Margi Murphy & Christina Mercer | June 27, 2016
IoT and M2M strategies are a good way to provide a better service as well as learning more about your customers

Connecting networked IoT devices will also be a challenge. "Selecting a wireless network for an IoT device involves balancing many conflicting requirements, such as range, battery life, bandwidth, density, endpoint cost and operational cost," said Gartner analyst Nick Jones.

"Low-power, short-range networks will dominate wireless IoT connectivity through 2025, far outnumbering connections using wide-area IoT networks. However, commercial and technical trade-offs mean that many solutions will coexist, with no single dominant winner and clusters emerging around certain technologies, applications and vendor ecosystems."

7. Let humans and machines become colleagues

Internet of things tips: Let humans and machines become colleagues
© iStock/iLexx

Investing in M2M and IoT technologies doesn't mean staff will be forced out of a job. It should enable a business to create and add value to to existing operations. 

"As the capability of machines continues to evolve and become more complex, they will increasingly act as collaborative partners for humans," says Sukamal Banerjee, head of the IoT practice at HCL Technologies. 

"As we grow increasingly used to the helping hand machines can lend, working practices will evolve to include them, leading to a huge upturn in productivity. This will enable people to enjoy more engaging working practices, as mundane and routine tasks are transitioned to machine counterpart."

8. Data analysis

Internet of things tips: Data analysis
It's not about the sensors, but the information they collect ©iStock/Jimmy Anderson

The internet of things will involve businesses dealing with unprecedented volumes of information. A robust data pool and analysis infrastructure in place is important to gaining insight into this.

"As well as improving efficiencies, businesses can also benefit from a wealth of business intelligence tools and analytical dashboards to gain crucial insight into how their clients' equipment is running to offer a superior service to their customers," Advanced's Ford says.  

9. Steering group

Internet of things tips: Steering group
Get employees outside of IT onboard with dedicated steering groups ©iStock/Goodluz

Having a group dedicated to adopting M2M will help with business buy-in, driving the project forward internally. 

Source: Computerworld UK 


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