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Adobe InDesign CC 2017 review: Page layout software features improved OpenType support and better graphics performance

Jay J. Nelson | Dec. 22, 2016
The OpenType improvements alone are worth the upgrade.

Footnotes enhancements

In previous versions of InDesign, if you inserted a multi-column spanning headline in a multi-column text frame, footnotes from text above the headline would appear immediately above the headline instead of at the bottom of the column of text.

In version 2017, you can force those footnotes to appear at the bottom of the column. To change this setting for an entire document, choose Type > Document Footnote Options. To apply this setting to only the selected text frame instead of the entire document, choose Object > Text Frame Options > Footnotes > Enable overrides (span or not).

File format changes

Besides the updated features described above, this upgrade uses a new document file format that can only be read by users of version 2017 or higher. However, this shouldn’t be a big issue for most users because Adobe’s subscription model allows subscribers to download the most current version any time.

To share 2017 documents with users of InDesign CS4 through 2015, a 2017 user can choose File > Save a Copy and then choose “InDesign CS4 or later” from the Format menu. This saves a copy of the document in IDML format.

Bottom line

While the improved features are limited in scope, InDesign users will appreciate this upgrade if your documents use footnotes or you open documents from a networked file server. If you have a Retina display, you’ll enjoy the far better graphics previews. And all users will enjoy exploring the long-hidden advanced features of some OpenType fonts.

Abobe InDesign CC 2017 is US$20 per month. Adobe also offer access to all of its Creative Cloud apps for $50 per month, or $80 per month including access to Adobe Stock images.


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