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Affordable data recovery solution for every Malaysian PC user

AvantiKumar | Sept. 21, 2011
'Juzt-Reboot Neo is a new concept in system and data recovery.'

CEO of Juzt-Reboot(Malaysia), Alex Lee and Juzt-Reboot Neo

PHOTO - CEO of Juzt-Reboot(Malaysia), Alex Lee shows the Juzt-Reboot Neo.

An affordable system and data recovery solution is intended for every PC user in Malaysia, said software solutions firm Juzt-Reboot.

Called Juzt-Reboot Neo, the solution is a real-time, 'multi-point recovery system', which provides instant recovery function with a GUI (graphical user interface), said Juzt-Reboot chief executive officer Alex Lee speaking on 15 September 2011.

"Neo is executable under Microsoft Windows system," said Lee. "Once the installation is completed, the default protection mode would be auto-enabled and all changes made to the system's hard drive configuration either from malicious or accidental errors, would be restored by simply rebooting the computer. Neo protects your computer from attack by malware, Trojan viruses and even the most rampant 'machine dog virus'."

"Juzt-Reboot Neo works on a true dynamic buffer platform," said Juzt-Reboot system engineer, Arsat Egol. "Unlike the previous version of the PCI card due to its limited buffer, it would be a hassle to install new programs unless the buffer is cleared by user prompting a 'Point of Restore.' Neo's multi-point recovery function is also useful for places where there are multi-users because each and every restore point created can have various contents and applications."

Egol said Neo's snapshot and restoration function was limited only by users' hard disk space. "Neo is the first and only product that can set hardware IP [internet protocol] to the card's ROM [read-only memory] chip to support net-clone over a router [cross VLAN (virtual local area network) and subnet]. This facility works well in a university environment where thousands of PCs in each faculty are installed in different network segments and VLAN where, for example, certain programmes are needed in one session but not in another."

"Neo clones these PCs effortlessly in these unique and varied settings," he said. "Unlike most other recovery solutions where the operation is only available in pre-OS [operating system] mode interface, Neo also provides all the functions operational in MS-Windows OS." 


 Short-listed for Malaysia MSC APICTA 2011 awards

"Neo applies the innovative DST (Data Snapshot Technology) that instantly creates as many snapshots to 254 Backup Points as long as free space is available," said Egol. "It overcomes the common 'single restore point limitation' found in most other recovery solutions."

"For a mere RM285 [US$91.36], a PC user can sleep soundly knowing that when he wakes up tomorrow, his PC will be running as good as new, helping him see through another day," said Juzt-Reboot's Lee, adding that Neo has now been shortlisted for the Malaysia MSC [Multimedia Supercorridor] APICTA [Asia Pacific ICT] 2011 awards in the Best Security Category.


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