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Agents of Change: Accenture

Jack Loo | Jan. 23, 2013
Singapore’s IDA unveiled its Infocomm Technology Roadmap outlining nine technology trends that will shape the future. We asked various enterprise IT heavyweights for their perspectives on the Roadmap, and first up, we have consulting firm Accenture.

In late August 2012, the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) unveiled the latest edition of its Infocomm Technology Roadmap (ITR) to chart technology trends that will figure strongly in three to five years.

Computerworld Singapore is taking the opportunity to set the ITR as the foundation layer for its year-ahead feature. Heavyweights in the enterprise IT space are talking about their perspectives on the Roadmap; the industry developments and customer demands that they foresee happening in the specific themes that these technology giants operate in.

In the first part of a regular feature, Accenture is talking about its 2013 product and services roadmap, industry developments, customer demands and case study scenarios. The spokesperson is Trent Mayberry, Managing Director, Technology Growth Platform, ASEAN, Accenture.

trent mayberry accenture

Big Data

Accenture has developed offerings that are driven by specific function and industry needs to provide meaningful insights and measurable actions for businesses. Broadly, our seven offerings include - Customer and Marketing, Data and Technology, Unique Industry, Human Capital, Fraud, Operations as well as Sales and Customer Service.

The convergence of digital channels will leave behind a "data exhaust" which can provide businesses with better ways to understand their customers and their behaviours.  When businesses leverage this for insight, they can better offer tailored services and personalised incentives. However, as the increasing use of public, private and behavioural data becomes more pervasive, it is accompanied by a renewed focus on managing corporate and technology risk.

Customers today value and expect personalised, proactive, predictive, participative and partnership-based services. How businesses offer the next generation customer experience will become a key differentiator in winning customer loyalty and share of wallet in the increasingly competitive market place.

For example, an Asian manufacturer of motor vehicles turned to Accenture for help in integrating multiple data sources to boost sales. Accenture combined data from the client's customer relationship management systems, market research, and additional information from dealers and financiers in the region. Multiple analytics techniques were applied, including purchase-propensity modelling, segmentation, and analysis of marketing return on investment. The project resulted in insights-led levers for more effective prospecting, conversion and customer retention. As a result, sales for personal and commercial vehicles rose by to 40 percent.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a game-changer - not just for IT, but also for businesses and entire industries. Governments and businesses are using the cloud today to bring tangible business results-everything from lowering costs and improving agility, to introducing new services faster and easily entering new markets globally.

Accenture has helped many of these organisations sort through the complex cloud choices in the market, as well as transform, integrate and manage new IT landscapes.  Using core strengths in planning, implementation and management, an independent provider ecosystem, and deep industry expertise, Accenture helps clients tap cloud services to bring agility to IT and business-moving to a hybrid world in which cloud and existing systems coexist.  We co-innovate with IT and business leaders to create competitive differentiation in their business and help realise their core strategy.


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