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AI is the latest “fashion” in enterprise tech, with widespread usage a year away

Scott Carey | May 9, 2016
Is the enterprise really ready for artificial intelligence?

Paul Chong, director of Watson Group, EMEA, said that this is where IBM is now with Watson: "We want to get to this stage where you simplify the use of the technology to the point where you actually put it in the hands of the business owners. So we're creating the cognitive platform to be the API economy of choice for you to build cognitive systems. We're making this open. We believe there are a huge number of opportunities and I think about the number of clients we are working with and it is varied.

"Our hopes and aspirations are that the platform Watson, or others in terms of AI will start to be infused through the API economy with all business processes. It won't be just the client or for the decision maker, it will be open to all."

The hype around AI isn't necessarily overstated, and the technology certainly appears to be on the crest of something, but many of the attendees of the AI Summit may feel they were a year too early to start really seeing the benefits of cognitive computing and neural networks in the enterprise.

Source: Computerworld UK 


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