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Alibaba’s upgraded machine learning platform to help improve healthcare, manufacturing in China

Adrian M. Reodique | March 31, 2017
PAI 2.0 will also help customers easily deploy large-scale data mining and modeling.

Simon HU, President of Alibaba Cloud at Shenzhen Computing Conference
Simon Hu, President of Alibaba Cloud at Shenzhen Computing Conference. Credit: Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group, has upgraded its machine learning platform PAI to help customers easily deploy large-scale data mining and modeling.

PAI 2.0 is powered by Apsara—Alibaba Cloud's large-scale computing engine—to provide ultra-large-scale distributed computing capabilities. It allows organisations to handle petabyte-level of computing tasks daily.

The platform also supports a one-click function when deploying an application programme interface (API). In addition, it is equipped with data visualisations capabilities that allow developers to quickly include components into workflows with its easy drag-and-drop features.

Besides that, PAI 2.0 has more than 100 sets of algorithms, including data pre-processing, neural network, regression, classification, predictions, evaluations, statistical analysis, feature engineering and deep learning architecture. In line, its artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms aim to empower innovations in the life science and manufacturing sectors.

Alibaba Cloud has developed ET Medical Brain—a suite of AI solution built on its cloud computing infrastructure—to ease the workloads of medical personnel. Basically, the solution can play the role of patient's virtual assistants, and participate in medical imaging, drug development, hospital management, and wearable healthcare devices.

The company has also developed the ET Industrial Brain—a suite of AI solutions in the field of industrial production—that aims to help companies centralise data management of their manufacturing processes with the help of Alibaba Cloud's computing and data analytics.

"In the past year, Alibaba Cloud has implemented a number of real-life AI applications for customers across industries. As China's first machine learning platform, PAI is born to make our AI programme, an effective tool for helping people and businesses to resolve practical issues. We are also seeing our data intelligence capability being leveraged to assist customers in creating better healthcare services and endorsing smart manufacturing in China," said Dr. Jingren Zhou, Chief Scientist of Alibaba Cloud.


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