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Asia: From a market of millions to millions of markets

Claus Mortensen | Jan. 17, 2014
IDC envisions 2014 to be a year of transformation for vendors and service providers in the ICT space.

2. "A market of millions to millions of markets" - One-to-One marketing will be redefined to become socially and contextually aware

Personalized marketing is making a comeback, but this time the CMO is armed with new tools that are redefining the way they can identify and engage with their best customers. What is more, a new dimension has been added to the picture: Context.

As big data and analytics, cloud, mobility, and social come together in an unprecedented way to create entirely new business value solutions and change the technology field, they are enabling intelligent solutions and innovations that drive significant change. IDC predicts that 2014 will be the foundation year where we will see these methodologies and tools being introduced in Asia Pacific to realize the one-to-one marketing nirvana in the years to come. Applications and enterprise services will follow.

3. Geolocation data will drive organizations to push the boundaries of regulations and customer expectations

Across all major industries, there is a strong interest as to how to drive new revenue streams and optimize operations, leveraging big data and analytics. Many Asia/Pacific organizations will have access to or the ability to analyze consumer geolocation for the first time in 2014. Beyond creating applications that request legal permission to collect and sell behavior information, they will be thinking about personalized services. This approach will build positive relationships with consumers, and protect against them becoming advocates of stricter regulation.

Geolocation information will be the game changer in 2014, as it can enrich other forms of data, and paint a detailed story of a person's behavior, habits, and relationships. Having that information, as an organization that provides products and services, will create unique opportunities to engage individuals as individuals.

4. 2014 will mark the serious beginning of Big Data as-a-Service (BDaaS)

Significant infrastructure build-outs for cloud services were a hallmark of 2013. Large public cloud providers established or expanded their footprints in Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Telcos and local systems integrators extended their cloud services across most markets in the region. The availability of cloud infrastructure, whether public or private, is the core which all services depend on.

Big Data as-a-Service (BDaaS) is an integration of four key offerings:  1) Non-transactional data (sensor readings, clickstream data, video, social interaction); 2) Data storage services with adequate availability zones or clusters; 3) Compute resources offered by the same cloud provider that hosts the data storage, and, 4) Analytic tools and products, or industry-specific applications, run on the same cloud services as the compute resources.

IDC expects that in Australia and Singapore, just enough of the four key offerings will come together to allow more agile organizations to leverage BDaaS, and take those initiatives to production.


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