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Automating document creation

Ross O. Storey | April 17, 2009
Even in a recession year, automated document creation and output management solutions provider, Intelledox, is forecasting revenue growth of more than 100 per cent.

What differentiates Intelledox systems from its competitors? What makes it innovative and what has the company done differently to make it successful to date?

The Intelledox system was designed from the ground up around principles including the simplicity of design (using MS Word) and the scalability and extensibility of the architecture. Competing products (from HP, Xerox, Canon, for example) have typically evolved from solutions originally designed for the printing space. These solutions use complex scripting languages and batch processing to push output to high speed printers with little control and input from clients.

Intelledox's user interface is Web-based and graphical, with extensive drag and drop functionality, and without complex scripting languages. These innovations make the solution both powerful and easy to use, enabling organisations to move control of document creation and output to the owners of those documents.

Please explain further how Intelledox is forecasting more than 100 per cent revenue growth even in a recession year. Can you provide country- specific figures for Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong?

To date this year, Intelledox is looking at between 200 per cent and 300 per cent growth. Our software improves efficiency and improves the nature and quality of client communication. In recession times, organisations are looking for efficiency gains, doing more with less staff, and to differentiate themselves through improved quality of client communications.

We have good contacts in Singapore and Hong Kong so we expect good levels of new business development there. Intelledox has less developed relationships in Malaysia so we don't expect such good penetration there, at least not at first.

Studies by organisations, including IDC, forecast significant growth in this sector, which is already worth around US$1 billion annually. Considering there are around 750 billion to one trillion documents generated annually, this represents low hanging fruit for organisations to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and improve quality, a result rarely seen in the IT sector these days.

With the availability of innovative solutions such as Intelledox, we think organisations will quickly understand that the front line between their clients and staff is currently based on ad hoc, poorly created documents. This represents a huge risk and a substantial cost base. The introduction of knowledge management strategies and document generation solutions, such as Intelledox, will provide a simple, effective improvement to their bottom line.


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