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Avoid being hit by Google algorithm update

Yousaf Sekander | June 28, 2016
How to SEO your website and stay off Google's blacklist

Ensure your outreach is constant and you're not mass link building for a time, before stopping suddenly. This doesn't look natural.

Finally, ensure anchor text linking back to your website is varied. Avoid focusing on obvious, short tail keywords, focusing on longer tail keywords instead.

Avoid Google algorithm updates: Mobilegeddon

This first ran in April 2015 and, although less impactful than predicted, the growing use of mobile devices means it's worth ensuring your site is up to scratch.


How to make your mobile site user friendly

When Google target mobile sites they're predominantly looking for anything impacting user experience. Smaller smartphone screens mean there are some key things to consider when optimising, including:

  • Avoiding software most devices can't render, including Flash.
  • Building a responsive design, so text resizes to match screen size.
  • Ensuring text is easy to read on a smaller screen - around 16px is recommended.
  • Ensuring hyperlinked text isn't too close to each other. This makes it difficult for users to click the correct link.

How to avoid Google's manual penalties

Google regularly carries out manual checks on sites, predominantly looking for unnatural links, spam and thin content. By conforming to the best practice tips covered above, you should avoid any manual penalties. If hit with one, it will appear as a note in Search Console (Webmaster Tools) explaining the actions you need to take.
Largely, these penalties are better than the algorithmic kind, as you may apply for reconsideration when the problem is fixed. If sufficiently dealt with, the penalty will be lifted.

The best way to avoid an impending Google algorithm update is to get into good habits early.

With content, ask yourself if you've answered all of the reader's questions, and in a way that reads nicely; not a repetition of keywords.

Keep user experience in mind from the outset and you'll breeze through Google's next update. 

Source: Computerworld UK 


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