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Be more responsive: Improve information-sharing and access to critical data

Craig Charlton, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific Operations, Epicor | Jan. 12, 2016
How can an organisation best use IT for productivity gains and to increase responsiveness? The answer lies in the need for modernisation, enterprise mobility and social collaboration.

Mobility: No longer something that offers a competitive edge, workforce mobility is a competitive necessity. Enterprise mobility is all about flexibility, providing easy access to information and processes to employees wherever they are located. However, nearly half (48 per cent) of all organisations do not have any Web-based or mobile device access and only eight per cent can be mobile with a notebook client application installed.

Integration: Nearly two-thirds of regional businesses with more than 20 employees have some product or services distribution as part of their operations. In fact, the rate of organisations distributing both products and services has increased nearly 10% year-over-year. However, more than 70% of businesses do not perform automated Field Services Management (FSM) operations at all and some 40% of organisations using dedicated FSM applications do not have integration with their ERP systems. The latter can result in time-consuming and error-prone batch processes to integrate the data collected with back office systems.

Social Collaboration: The most modern solutions allow users to collaborate around a business object or transaction within the ERP, bringing people together from different departments to share their expertise and increase productivity. This promotes collaboration beyond the four walls of the business, opening up conversations with customers and suppliers, and providing access to data so employees can make smarter decisions, faster. It opens up an entirely new avenue within the organisation for sharing ideas and inspiring innovation.

Responsiveness: Organisations need to ensure they provide information to those who need it, at the moment they need it, in a form that they can use and in a way that they can action immediately and from anywhere. This is not a futuristic ideal, but rather it is possible with modern ERP and mobility solutions. Only by bringing together such concepts as mobility, integration, real-time information sharing and social collaboration will a business become truly responsive.


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