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Best of both worlds for your customer: Physical meets digital with UC

Christopher Franke, Senior Manager, Head of Unified Communications Strategy, InterCall Asia Pacific | July 7, 2015
Christopher Franke of InterCall provides tips on how banks should leverage unified communications to provide an integrated customer service, which may result in increased customer loyalty.

3. Value-added customer service

Solving customers' problems is not the be-all and end-all of an excellent customer service. To stand out from the competition, you need to give your clients value-added services that they would appreciate. How? By taking advantage of your bank's UC solution, you can hold training sessions for your customers on financial topics they're interested at through webinars or video conferences. This is also a cost-effective avenue for you to build client relationships and enhance your organisation's credibility as a financial expert.

4. Knowledgeable staff

The quality of your customer-facing employees can make or break your bank's ability to offer great service to your clients. While having someone from the headquarters travel around branches to conduct trainings can be costly and time consuming, using your UC solution to hold virtual employee training sessions is the total opposite. It makes conducting seminars for remote employees much easier, reducing travel-related costs andaccommodating up to 150 users at one time, depending on your application.

Additionally, utilising your UC solution is also an effective way to increase the availability of your banking experts across a wider geography, making them available for client consultations regardless of their locations.

5. Improved employee productivity

Let's face it, geographical barriers can pose challenges when working with teams across different branches but having a UC solution makes it easier for employees to collaborate with colleagues and have improved access to information. This saves them precious time and allows them to do their jobs more efficiently. Accomplishing tasks on time equates to faster turnaround time, which then results to happy and satisfied customers.

With customers preferring the convenience of online and mobile banking, as well as the personal touch of being able to talk to a financial expert, keeping them delighted can be quite tricky. It's challenging, yet achievable -- all with a little help from UC. 


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