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Bitwig Studio on Linux: Can one top-tier app change the game?

Jon L. Jacobi | March 27, 2014
Face it Linux users--if Microsoft Office, Photoshop, and other popular applications were available for your platform, your club would be a lot less exclusive. No disrespect to the Linux development community, which does some stellar work, but that's the cold, hard truth in the consumer space. That's also why the Ubuntu Linux (64-bit) release of a top-tier music creation application by the name of Bitwig Studio is huge news and a possible harbinger. It will also ship for Windows and OS X--Bitwig isn't crazy.

All that said, there is a bit of a learning curve and one can always nit-pick as DAW aficionados are want to do. Overall though, Bitwig Studio is wearing big boy pants and its competitors should be worried. It's also completely modular and the company will be exposing the back-end at some point in the near future — a carrot for gear-head types.

Because Bitwig is an application that's sure to attract a lot of musicians, who have a disproportional influence extending far beyond the musical community, it's news. If Bitwig leads musicians to try Linux, they'll lead others, and that can't be a bad thing for everybody's favorite free OS. Now if only the plug-in vendors see it that way. Only time will tell, but there's something in the air.


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