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BLOG: 12 Top Tech Rumors We Hope Will (and Won't) Come True

Jeff Bertolucci | July 19, 2011
When tech rumors fly, we either say "Want!" or "Don't bother."

We Hope Will Come True: PlayStation 4 to Have Kinect-Like Motion Tracking

Sony plans to launch the PlayStation 4 next year, according to Digitimes, and the new gaming console will feature motion-sensing controls similar to those of Microsoft's Kinect. The PlayStation 3 has been with us only five years, which is a short life span for a home console, but it's looking more and more dated every day. The PS3's Move motion technology is akin to the now ho-hum Nintendo Wiimote, and the PlayStation platform needs a gee-whiz infusion--the sooner, the better. 

We Hope Won't Come True: Google+ Will Beat Facebook

PCWorld Facebook page fan Hoang Xuan Thai called this one, and he's spot-on. Google's slick new social network has a lot going for it, notably the Circles feature designed to simplify the task of subdividing friends, family, and acquaintances into distinct groups. But nothing is stopping Facebook from implementing many of Google+'s clever innovations, and it'll take more than a few cool tricks to persuade millions of Facebook loyalists to jump ship. 

We Hope Will Come True: Windows 8 Will Arrive Early

When will Windows 8 ship? A new rumor says the date could be as early as next April, months ahead of schedule. Windows 8 is designed to run on tablets and PCs, and as Technologizer's Harry McCracken points out, Microsoft has good reason to push the new OS out the door: Redmond is currently a nonentity in the tablet business, and it wants to change that situation ASAP. 

We Hope Won't Come True: Nintendo's Next Console Will Be a Pricey, Premium Box

The Nintendo Wii was a huge hit because of its clever, motion-sensing remote--and because it cost less than its more-powerful competitors, the Sony PlayStation and the Microsoft Xbox. The Wii was both fun and cheap, an appealing combo for casual gamers. Nintendo's president has said that the Wii U, the Wii's the new and improved successor, will cost more than the original system, but we're still waiting on a price. If Nintendo plans to reach the same crowd that found the Wii so appealing, it won't charge more than $300 for the Wii U. 

We Hope Will Come True: The Apple iPhone 5 Becomes Available on Both AT&T and Verizon Wireless

Assuming that the next-generation iPhone arrives in September or October, a dual launch on the two largest U.S. wireless carriers makes sense. Verizon began selling the iPhone 4 in February, and a fall arrival of the iPhone 5 (or iPhone 4x) probably wouldn't upset many of Big Red's early iPhone adopters, though some of them might experience a wave of buyer's remorse. From Apple's perspective, a two-carrier launch could help the iPhone grab market share from the advancing Android horde. 


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