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BLOG: Bigger than big data?

Jeff Hasen | Dec. 19, 2012
How big data is shaping mobile user expectations

There is plenty of data to be gathered and analysed there even before confirming that the mobile user is okay with being reached in such a personal way.

"We're going to see the idea of permission marketing go beyond I got your opt in or opt it.," Becker says. "There are going to be layers of permission. When can you talk to me? On what subjects? And on what devices and mediums?"

Other factors

There is also a layering in of other factors, according to Hipcricket CTO Nathanial Bradley.

"If you look at the progression of that ambient targeting, it has to know whether the sun was shining when you invoked a mobile marketing campaign, the last time you bought donuts it was raining, whether the stock market was up or down or whether your sales were up or down during a particular marketing campaign or mobile delivery," Bradley told me.

"All those ambient conditions contribute to a targeting that will become more and more enhanced. You can see in the future that if I picked up your cell phone by accident, it would be absolutely worthless to me because of the amount of targeting and the amount of customisation of content that goes from device to device."

Of course, the challenge will be taking in the data, analysing it and responding appropriately. The mobile user is already expecting nothing less.

By Jeff Hasen is Hipcricket chief marketing officer, thought leader (ART+DATA) Institute and author of Mobilized Marketing: Driving Sales, Engagement, and Loyalty Through Mobile Devices  


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