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BLOG: Bringing IT closer to businesses

Koh Eng Kiong | Oct. 1, 2013
A successful BTM model provides end-to-end visibility and tracing of all distributed transactions, captures deep transaction information, and gives full visibility on all users and their actions, 24/7

To enable the above, organisations need to ensure solutions are put in place to provide automatic detection and tracing of all transactions, while analysing the data to discover trends over time. A solution such as Compuware's dynaTrace provides the essential knowledge that enables decision makers to address crucial business areas, such as resolving customer complaints, preventing performance issues from getting to production and focusing information technology on the business areas that matter most.

In financial services for example, business and application owners want to know what investment products their target audience research, click patterns, what transactions they make and how often they make them. Some solutions even allow for the categorisation of searches by product type, which allows us to see how many searches are actually executed and whether there are any performance implications on specific product types.

With these insights, financial institutions can determine technological requirements, how current systems impact performance and overall user experience. Below are steps and analysis required to provide valuable insights for key decision makers:

  1. Start with the first action, which is the landing page for the user
  2. End with the last action, the exit page, which also allows us to identify visitors who bounce off the site
  3. Capture all activity from start to end to understand the click path through the site, where customers bounce off and the path customers take that results in a conversion
  4. Gain visibility into the click paths to improve conversion rates and reduce bounce rates
  5. Look up the actions of a customer who complains in order to speed up problem resolution
  6. Capture real end-user response time from within the user's browser to identify problems at the "Last Mile" in addition to problems that might occur inside the data centre

At the end of the day, the more successful businesses are at minimising downtimes, transaction faults and customer complaints, the better they will fair. By utilising the right tools to deliver deep insights, business owners can be assured of successful business transactions management. This in turn sustains the business by fulfilling the end users' needs.

Koh Eng Kiong is Regional Director, Compuware ASEAN


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