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BLOG: Doing more with less: How IT can keep up with Big Data

Ron Goh | Jan. 17, 2014
One of the biggest challenges confronting CIOs today is how to do more with less.

One of the biggest challenges confronting CIOs today is how to do more with less.  At the same time, IT organisations are under tremendous stress as they face increased requirements to deliver new and innovative applications and services to users faster than ever.  Consider a bank launching a new online customer banking system - imagine the news and increased amounts of data they will have to manage and the need for an always-on infrastructure.

Data growth is exploding.  Amongst other things, storage becomes an increasing challenge in terms of cost of hardware and the management resource required.  Added to that, companies are also facing the challenge of integrating mobility solutions, social networking - both of which demand 24/7 availability - as well as analytics to enable organisations to move faster and make real time decisions, and Big Data to discover growth opportunities, and turn social streams into market intelligence.

Traditional systems simply aren't designed to handle those demanding tasks, and to help optimize performance of the applications they are running.

As a result, companies are seeking to modernize their data centers, to accommodate all the new data and applications, and support this always-on requirement.  They are also looking to take advantage of new cloud services, as well as solutions like virtualization and improved system management capabilities to deploy information more effectively and with greater efficiency.

It is therefore essential that IT organisations implement hardware which provides both extreme performance and that is versatile enough to handle the variety of workloads needed to run the business both now and in the future.

So what should companies look for when choosing infrastructure to support a next generation data centre platform?

The five key areas companies should consider when looking at a server refresh within their data center are:

Extreme performance-All companies regardless of size and industry are focusing on how they can move faster, make better decision and improve their customer experience.  They need systems that can handle extreme performance.  Good performance, is no longer good enough.  And while speed isn't everything, companies should certainly look to the fastest they can afford.  What may seem more than enough for current and old world business applications may be inadequate for future, more complex applications.

Take as an example, a manufacturing company competing with nimble companies around the globe.  Or a clothing maker looking to monitor and optimize social-media marketing campaigns involving tens of millions of socially connected consumers, thousands of SKUs, tens of thousands of retail outlets, and a booming online presence.  Or a pharmaceutical company looking to mine Big Data for insights into breakthrough opportunities in personalized medicine.  It is obvious to each of these that time is their enemy and speed is their ally.


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