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BLOG: Edit batches of files with Aba Search and Replace

Ian Harac | Jan. 13, 2012
Aba Search and Replace offers powerful tools for bulk text file manipulation.

Aba Search and Replace isn't overpriced, but it's worth considering how often you'll use it. As with many utilities of this type, it's best to consider how much faster your work is with it than without it. Doing manual edits of even a few files can take hours, and it's easy to make mistakes as you open and close one after another. If this kind of task falls to you more than even once or twice a year, Aba could easily pay for itself in short order. The ease and speed with which Aba performs text searches is also worth considering. I've used some Web-crawling programs to archive large sites of public domain text files, and Aba Search and Replace is a great tool for finding specific pages in the resulting downloaded directories.


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