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BLOG: Exclusive Quickflix and Foxtel apps still MIA on Samsung Galaxy S4

Adam Turner (via SMH) | June 27, 2013
Galaxy S4 owners are still missing out on Samsung's exclusive content apps.

Getting an update: Samsung's Galaxy S4.
Samsung's Galaxy S4. Photo: AFP

Galaxy S4 owners are still missing out on Samsung's exclusive content apps.

Samsung sees content deals as a major weapon in the gadget wars -- it's announced a few big deals already this year and I'm told more are on the way. Eighteen months ago Samsung announced it had exclusive Android access to the Quickflix app, then this year it added Foxtel Go to the lineup. When the Galaxy S4 was launched Samsung even touted Quickflix and Foxtel as key features but two months later neither app has yet been upgraded to run on the flagship Galaxy S4. 

I have to admit that this escaped my attention until a frustrated reader pointed it out to me, having taken up the himself with Quickflix tech support. Quickflix told him it should be available "in the near future" but there was no ETA available.

That's pretty frustrating for loyal Quickflix customers who made the leap to the Galaxy S4 on the understanding that Quickflix was with them all the way. Considering the Samsung deal is one of Quickflix's good news stories, and it's working hard to win people over from foreign alternatives, you'd think Quickflix would be working harder to update the app for the Galaxy S4.

What's really interesting is that the Foxtel Go app was supposed to be available on June 3 but has also been delayed for "further testing", according to Ausdroid. In some ways that's a bigger deal, because Foxtel Go is only a Samsung Android exclusive until November.

The exclusive Plus7 Catch Up TV app is already on the Galaxy S4 (it comes pre-installed), but you have to wonder what's going on when two of the Galaxy S4's key content apps are still missing in action. I'm sure Samsung is thrilled that it paid for exclusive rights to apps which still aren't available for its flagship handset.

Samsung said it was best to take this issue up with Quickflix and Foxtel directly, so I did. Quickflix boss Stephen Langsford assures me that the Galaxy S4 certainly hasn't been forgotten; "There were some slight delays in development/ certification but the good news is we should be live in the next few days. It's a big and important platform for us," Langsford told me Monday night. UPDATE: Langsford was true to his word and the Quickflix app actually popped up in the Samsung App store late yesterday, which is a great win for S4 owners.


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