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BLOG: Why I hate the look and feel of iOS 7

Alex Burinskiy | June 27, 2013
iOS 7 'looks like the love child of Android and Windows'

They both sport a blue-on-white theme, with very basic wireframe icons, that -- while different from iOS 6 -- are too similar to Outlook. I honestly wondered whether Apple and Microsoft had secretly linked software development labs. Enterprise users, this might be a big plus for you if you like Microsoft design.

The Messages app has also been given a UI overhaul, though not necessarily for the better. Overall, Messages now sports a flat design -- again with the Microsoft Office look. And messages or texts now show up with white text against a green or blue background. Text fades together, making it harder to read. And something is still missing: the ability to delete multiple messages at one time, which seems like a fairly common-sense feature, especially since that's something you can already do in the Mail app.

Finally, we come to photos and the Camera app. The camera is possibly the most important feature for many iPhone users, thanks to apps like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I would argue that the hardware in the iPhone is usually better than the hardware in most Android devices, but Android offers more camera control options than iOS. With that in mind, Apple has added filters that you can apply to photos you take with an iPhone.

A year or two ago, the filters would have been a big deal. Now, they feel like last-minute changes made to compete with Android for camera usage. I applaud the inclusion of filters, but I want more, such as color correction, or the ability to do on-the-fly editing of faces, as you can do in Android. Apple is still catching up in this department, though I doubt that this will be a deal breaker for iPhone users.

Having said all this, let me be clear: I love Apple; I own enough Apple stuff to prove it. I only hope that iOS 7 will change drastically before its final release, so it gives people more UI options beyond "white" and "flat." The look of iOS 7 we've been shown so far has very little that's really "Apple" about it. AT WWDC, Ive said: "We have always thought of design as being so much more than the way something looks." I partially agree: iOS is still a very strong operating system. However, the current design of iOS 7 makes me worry about Apple straying from its core culture and beliefs.I want Apple to be leading, not following.


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