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BT Financial embraces BI to better understand customers

Adam Bender | May 21, 2013
Wealth management advisors shaved 150 hours per month off compiling reports.

BT Financial met its goal to implement the BI platform in three months, Smith said. The service went live 1 October last year. "We delivered the full scope that we hoped to achieve, and we delivered on time and on budget."

"We certainly streamlined our process", shaving about 150 work hours, he said. Weekly reports are now finished two-and-a-half hours earlier and monthly reports are done a week earlier.

The earlier release times mean that the reports are "seen as the source of truth across the business", he said. "Prior to that, because of the delay ... senior executives were looking at alternative information sources to fill the void during that gap."

In addition, Smith estimated that the business will save $50,000 per annum in IT costs.

An unexpected benefit is that the BI platform has helped the business find useful data it hadn't looked at before, he said. "We're starting to access new data sources and bring visibility of that information to the business.

"We're in the very early days of our new process, but there's a massive opportunity now for us to build out on this platform."

However, there has also been a side effect of increasing the business's expectations. "This time last year, the business had low expectations based on their experience of dealing with us," he said. "Now that they can see what's possible, they're very hungry for more information."


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