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Campaign Monitor is investing heavily in AI and predictive as it pivots towards becoming a CRM platform

Scott Carey | April 4, 2017
Popular email marketing software maker Campaign Monitor is investing heavily in AI and predictive capabilities for customers of its platform

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The popular email marketing software maker Campaign Monitor is investing heavily in AI and predictive capabilities following a major acquisition, as it looks to become more of a customer relationship management (CRM) tool for business to consumer (B2C) marketers.

This comes at an exciting time for the company. It has recently opened a London office, closed the acquisition of Tagga a Canadian startup which specialises in tracking customer data across the web to build up accurate profiles and demographic segments and is batting away those inevitable IPO rumours that circle any company with this sort of momentum.

In its current incarnation Campaign Monitor is a popular tool for marketers. Customers tend to be small to medium-sized direct to consumer businesses and include the likes of Airbnb, and Topshop in the UK.

Over coffee in London's King's Cross, the CEO and former Salesforce wunderkind Alex Bard told Computerworld UK about his vision for the company by 2020.

"When I think about Campaign Monitor 2020, a marketer sits down at a dashboard and the system says here is a segment we think is really interesting that we have identified," he said. "We believe, based on previous behaviour and data, that could result in $500,000 in sales over the next ten days, click here to execute the campaign."

"Then we will match that up with the original prediction and tune the algorithms and get smarter. The whole purpose is we want to help small to medium businesses grow, so any way that AI and predictive can help them do that we will invest in that."


Tagga acquisition

Many of these new capabilities have been made possible by the recent Tagga acquisition. Bard believes that bringing in Tagga's capabilities and its team can truly supercharge Campaign Monitor this year. He says that the "day after you close is where the real work starts" but that they are already working together with the team and sketching out roadmaps for aligning the two products.

Beta users will start to see some of these new capabilities over the course of the year, and Bard says that by the end of 2017 customers will see a packaged release bringing the Tagga capabilities into Campaign Monitor.

One company that has been using the services of the two former partners side-by-side already is Flight Centre, who Bard says reported a 10 percent uplift in bookings as a result of using Tagga data with Campaign Monitor-run campaigns.


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