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Capriza lets you turn ugly enterprise apps into consumer-friendly mobile apps

Scott Carey | March 17, 2016
Capriza wants to streamline big, complex enterprise apps into the sort of easy to use home screen apps we all love

Capriza wants to take heavy, enterprise applications from the likes of Salesforce, SAP and Oracle and turn them into the sort of easy-to-use mobile apps consumers are used to

Anyone that has used one of the monolithic enterprise applications from the likes of SAP, Oracle or Salesforce will know that the complex processes and sheer level of data involved doesn't translate particularly well to mobile apps.

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Capriza is a startup that lets business users create and use mobile versions of enterprise software workflows themselves, in the form of simple mobile apps.

"You look at Salesforce alone and there are 8,000 processes locked in Salesforce and the ones I need to interact with are a fraction of those," says Russell Acton, vice president and general manager, international at Capriza.

"The others are just noise that I have to wade through. What we've been taught on phones is that you go in and do one thing beautifully, easily, simply."

The problem is that taking these single business processes and converting them into bite-sized mobile apps traditionally required mobile developers, which are often expensive and hard to find.

This is where co-founder and CTO of Capriza Oren Ariel saw an opportunity to build a simple app designer, basically a wizard that requires no coding or programming knowledge.

"We produce the same result as if you were rolling up your sleeves and throwing two or three programmers at the problem one hundred times faster by leveraging all of the assets that you already have," says Ariel.

What is a Zapp?

Capriza focuses on apps for a single workflow, which they call Zapps. These apps could theoretically be built for a single issue regardless of the back end system it needs to interact with, be it SAP, Oracle or Salesforce. For example, building an app that allows a sales team to update their forecasts while on the move with just one or two taps.

Capriza WorkSimple app

These Zapps can then be collected and managed using the WorkSimple app, which is available across mobile app stores. Users can also set notifications within WorkSimple according to personalised alerts, such as a KPI dipping below or jumping above a given threshold.

How does it work?

Capriza is essentially an extraction layer, taking the series of screens you would normally navigate on an enterprise web application - for example Sales Cloud, Oracle ERP, SAP CRM - and taking out any necessary data or steps so that the end-user can perform the task they want as quickly and simply as possible.

Ariel explained: "This uses HTML5 technology which means it can run on any device. The Capriza cloud will run a virtual headless browser and will transact with the back end system, whether that is Salesforce, SAP or Oracle, and it will do all the heavy lifting."


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