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CIO Summit Interview: From IT silos to driving business value

T.C. Seow | July 4, 2013
Ahead of the 2013 CIO Summit on 31 July in Singapore, Harmeet Malhotra, Director—Storage & Solutions Marketing, Dell Global BV, talks to MIS Asia on what organisations should be concerned with in order to continue to thrive in the near future.

As companies look to further gain control and make sense of their date under the theme Inform, Dell, in partnership with Intel and Revolution Analytics, just announced the launch of the Big Data Innovation Center on 3 June, to provide training programs to train data scientists, as well as a platform for companies to test big data proof-of-concept initiatives.

Finally, under the theme Protect, some of our new business offerings to customers in this area include SonicWALL, a leader in advanced network security and data protection, and SecureWorks, which provides industry-leading Security-as-a-Service solutions that include Managed-Security Services, Security and Risk Consulting Services and Threat Intelligence.

Beyond the four key themes, Systems Management is also another key area that is managed under the Dell Software portfolio, complemented by acquisitions such as Quest, KACE and Wyse. Another area is Information Management, where solutions like Quest Toad, Boomi and Kitenga have built up our capabilities there.

What will be the most important trends, in your opinion, to emerge in the next one to two years in enterprise IT—which will be a boon and which a curse?

The corporate environment is changing. Today, it is a business imperative to enable access to corporate applications from any device from any location. Looking ahead, Dell has identified "Five Forces" the will drive the New Dell and define our future. These "Five Forces" are:

  • Cloud: According to IDC, public and private cloud server revenue is forecast to increase at a CAGR of 16.6 percent to generate US$11 billion in 2016
  • Social Media: Gartner predicts that by 2016, 50 percent of large organisations will have internal Facebook-like social networks, and that 30 percent of these will be considered as essential as email and telephones are today
  • BYOD: Gartner expects that in 2016, more than 1.6 billion smart mobile devices will be purchased globally. Two-thirds of the mobile workforce will own a smartphone, and 40% of the workforce will be mobile
  • Big Data: IDC projects the global big data technology and services market to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 31.7 percent—about 700 percent more than the rate of the overall ICT market—with revenues reaching US$23.8 billion by 2016
  • Security: Gartner expects security investments to dramatically increase. An already large security market is about to get much bigger, growing by 56 percent from current levels in five years' time, while cloud security will almost triple; Garner anticipates that the Asia Pacific market for Managed Security Services (MSS) will continue to grow from 28 percentto 33 percent annually through 2015.

Understanding these "Five Forces" will help companies better prepare for these upcoming trends. Dell believes that companies have more to gain from identifying the trends and turning them into opportunities to achieve greater growth in the coming years.


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