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Citrix targets virtualization, orchestration layers

Christine Burns | Dec. 5, 2011
Were they guilty of "cloudwashing" - slapping the cloud label on existing products? Were they ignoring the cloud and risking getting left in the dust? Were they scrambling to re-invent themselves as cloud service providers?

For enterprises who want on-premise "public-like" cloud services behind their own firewall, Citrix's strategy hinges on the possibility of hybrid management. Through a combination of XenServer and CloudStack deployments on premise and in the cloud, customers could set up "cloud zones" within the same management interface. These cloud zones would have to be connected via another Citrix product called Cloud Bridge, which runs on top of company's line of NetScaler VPN appliances.

"This is still a very early use case of our products. Most customers are really thinking about one side of the wire or the other," Dohlakia says. But he contends the wind is definitely blowing public clouds into the enterprise landscape.


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