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Complete guide to Swift 3.0's new features and announcements: What to expect at WWDC 2016

Lou Hattersley | April 22, 2016
The open-source nature of Swift gives a rare opportunity to see what Apple has planned next.

Whether Google joins the Swift party is up to them, but we'll probably find out one way or the other at WWDC 2016.

Swift 3.0 at WWDC 2016: New features

Looking at the release notes for Swift 3.0, we can also see some things that the Swift team is looking at. Here are some highlights:

Stabilize the binary interface (ABI). The Swift team is looking to create a more stable ABI allowing Swift to interact with different types of computers (at the binary level). Again, this points to Swift being ported to different computers.
Complete generics. Swift uses generics (algorithms that are instatiated when needed) throughout its libraries, and Swift 3.0 will fully complete the implementation.
Type system cleanup and documentation. Swift 3.0 will "Revisit and document the various subtyping and conversion rules in the type system, as well as their implementation in the compiler's type checker."
Focus and refine the language. There's little detail here as to how, but the Evoltuion Document notes that: "Swift's rapid development has meant that it has accumulated some language features and library APIs that don't fit well with the language as a whole. Swift 3 will remove or improve those features to provide better overall consistency for Swift."
API Guidelines. Swift 3.0 provides new design guidelines for developers building APIs.

An out-of-scope section details what Swift 3.0 won't be doing in the future; in particular, it won't be expanding out to C++ Interoperability, so C++ programmers won't be able to integrate their code in the same way as Objective-C designers.

According to the document: "APIs. Interoperability with C++ libraries would enhance Swift's ability to work with existing libraries and APIs. However, C++ itself is a very complex language, and providing good interoperability with C++ is a significant undertaking that is out of scope for Swift 3.0."


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