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Computing at the core

Gunjan Trivedi | July 29, 2008
Only one word describes the state of the IT team of Aztecsoft, which is trying to manage this disparate IT infrastructure: nightmare.

Kumar P.S., senior manager, recalls a relevant example where file transfer and communication among VLANs were not possible while running MS Live Communications Server. It was only with the next release, MS Office Communications Server, running in conjunction with Dynamics, that Aztecsoft could enable secured p2p transfers and IM communications across the virtual LANs within the organization.

"As we are now working on a module on purchase requisition, we found that Dynamics 4.0 doesn't have many purchase requisition related features. So is the case with workflow support. As we are rolling Dynamics out in HR function, which is inherently is laced with a lot of complex workflows. We are figuring out a few difficulties of mapping such complex workflows with the features available," adds Varadarajan. He points out that the next version of Dynamics will perhaps supports complex workflows and other features better.

Though the IT team hasn't started mapping the complex workflows of HR function yet, they are looking at several Microsoft-certified third-party applications to do the job. "This will make our jobs easier while migrating to Dynamics 5.0," says Varadarajan.

"Since we are now in phase two of the Dynamics deployment, we are more confident than before. As we now understand the product much better, we are in a much better position to reach the milestones we seek to achieve. The learning curve was steep for us in the first six months. But later on, it was more of mapping the product features to the processes and reengineering processes wherever required," explains Nataraj.

However, the current changing scenario of its business is forcing Aztecsoft to reduce the breathing space for its IT team. With the high-level business requirements constantly changing, managing the roll out of new business management platform while introducing immediate changes to the older applications is becoming quite a challenging task. "Addressing spurt requirements in the existing apps and implementing newer systems at the same time is turning out to be quite challenging. Nevertheless, we are trying to balance the two so that we can seamlessly move onto the newer platform and leverage its features to our benefit in the near future," says Varadarajan.


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