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Singapore's butchery improves business efficiency with Canon's help

Anuradha Shukla | May 17, 2017
Huber's butchery no longer needs to rely on a third-party to print invoices or documents.

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Canon has improved business efficiency for Huber's Butchery, Singapore's family-owned and operated business dedicated to bringing superior meat products directly to consumers.

Huber is using Canon's cost-saving solutions to ensure that they are able to get orders out to their customers in as short a time as possible.

Founded nine years ago, Huber employs more than 120 people and deploys an average of 150 deliveries each day. 

Prior deploying Canon's solutions, the butchery was challenged with operational inefficiency. Typically, it took the team hours to print and process Dot Matrix Invoices of the many deliveries they had. This negatively impacted the productivity of their delivery services.

Besides that, the company's employees were inundated with phone calls and queries from customers requesting for copies of their invoices or document. This drove Huber's employees to contact their third-party support multiple times a day. 

There are also occasions where Huber had to wait an entire month to send all the documents to the third party, which was detrimental to its efficiency.

Canon's solutions addressed the above issues and allow the butchery to be in control of its documents, which is a relief from its previous practice that required a third party to be involved.

"Canon addressed our pain points competently and provided immediate solutions in both cost-savings and operational issues,"said Ryan Huber, managing director at Huber's Butchery. 


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