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Countering a counterfeit

Zafar Anjum | Oct. 25, 2011
Karine Tan, Supplies Program Manager, AP, Imaging & Printing Group, HP, shares with Zafar Anjum what HP has been doing to protect its products in Asia.

In addition, HP has partnered with local law enforcement agencies to ensure the successful seizure of counterfeit products in Asia. HP vigorously defends its brand and intellectual property for Original HP supplies by engaging in industry-leading anti-counterfeiting practices to combat the fraudulent manufacture, distribution, and sale of counterfeit HP supplies products.

The diligence of the HP anti-counterfeiting programme in the Asia Pacific region has resulted in law enforcement agencies successfully confiscating more than 20 million units of counterfeit cartridges, packaging, and components in the last four years. 

On a global level, HP maintains an aggressive approach to anti-counterfeiting and has conducted nearly 5,000 investigations in 88 countries over the last four years. This activity has resulted in the seizure of over 30 million units worth of counterfeit printing products worldwide over this same period.

4.      How does HP authentication system work?

Currently, all HP cartridge packaging in the Asia Pacific region displays a security seal with colour shifting technology that helps consumers identify original HP supplies. 

The HP Mobile Authentication tool features a QR code on both HP Original ink and toner cartridge security labels. After checking for the label's holographic properties to verify authenticity, customers can capture the QR label with a smartphone to access HP Mobile Authentication and validate the label. Valid labels generate a confirmation message, which indicates that the cartridge has a valid code. Invalid labels generate a warning message and a link for more information at HP's anti-counterfeit information website.

Customers who do not have the ability to scan QR codes can also validate the new label before they open the box. They can simply enter the alphanumeric code printed next to the QR Code, shown on the new security label at the HP Mobile Authentication website. The URL for this website is printed on the new security label. (2)

To use HP Mobile Authentication, customers should perform the following steps:

1.  Visually check the label. The new HP Mobile Authentication label features holographic image-shifting properties in addition to the QR code. Customers should perform the following steps to visually verify that the label is valid:

  • Tilt box front to back to see 'OK' and 'ü' move in opposite directions.
  • Tilt box right to left to see 'OK' and 'ü' move in the same direction.

2. If the package includes a new Mobile Authentication label, a smartphone QR code reader can capture the security code. Error! Bookmark not defined.

3.  View the response from HP.

5.      Does it help to use apps and social media to spread awareness against counterfeits?

Yes, the use of apps is helpful in raising awareness against counterfeits. HP has created a mobile application called HP eSupplies which features the HP Mobile Authentication tool, allowing customers to scan the label on the product packaging with a mobile device to verify the authenticity of their HP ink or toner cartridges. Alternatively, for those who do not own a smartphone, they can authenticate the cartridge online via the website 

The app is currently available in Australia and Singapore and will be made available to more countries in Asia Pacific soon.



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