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Developers stymied by Mac App Store approval delays

Lex Friedman | Oct. 10, 2012
Some developers say that Apple is slowly getting worse at approving apps for the Mac App Store. Apple, of course, reviews all apps submitted to the store, just as it does with the iOS App Store; developers are thus at the company's mercy when it comes to getting their apps--or updates to those apps--available to customers through the Mac App Store.

As Jalkut pointed out, even if Apple's working to clear out the Mac App Store review queue, that might not be obvious yet. "I'm not sure how easy it will be to tell if things are speeding up, because so many people (presumably) are already in the queue at 20 or 30 days," he wrote. "It may be the kind of thing that needs to see the queue flushed out to adequately gauge improvements."

What Apple says

Jalkut may well be right. But Apple isn't saying.

The notoriously tight-lipped company used to be more public--in its own, muted way--about review times for the iOS App Store. A page available to registered iOS developers indicated what percentage of new apps and app updates had been approved in the past X business days; that X fluctuated a bit.

At last report, Apple said that the iOS App Store had approved 89 percent of new app submissions, and 95 percent of submitted app updates, within eight business days. The only problem: While Apple used to update that number daily, it now hasn't been updated since July 6 of this year.

And that number, of course, is only minimally useful. Developers mostly care about how long they--and thus, their customers--must wait to get their apps approved. The stale number doesn't help developers at all, and again, Apple's never offered a similar stat, stale or otherwise, for Mac App Store developers.

Apple declined to comment to Macworld on the record.

For now, there's nothing anxious developers and their customers can do but wait.


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