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DevOps orchestration tools represent a new risk to the enterprise

Andrew Storms, vice president of security services, New Context | June 11, 2015
Editor's note: After publishing CSO's original story, we asked the two main sources to write first-person accounts of the standing of DevOps in security. You can find the counterpoint here.

How to safely implement these tools

A DevOps attitude primarily focuses on benefits without focusing on information security risks. Security is mostly looked at as a simple speed bump while the main focus remains on getting products out the door. But overlooking security isn't the best plan.

While orchestration tools are huge business enablers, it's crucial to devise a security strategy and designate a team to oversee that practice.

Here are four key topics to cover when coming up with your security plan:

A DevOps mindset paired with automated orchestration tools is a double-edged sword. While this methodology is widely viewed and implemented as a way to simplify deployment and reduce traditional security risks, it also brings a whole new set of risks with it. Although this methodology can greatly help enterprises thrive, it should never be adopted without conducting a proper risk analysis.


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