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Eight useful tools for devops success

Paul Krill | June 28, 2016
Software and services aimed at automation and analytics are helping fuel the devops revolution

7. New Relic

Useful devops tools: New Relic

New Relic is a SaaS-based software analytics platform, providing information on application performance aimed at improving interactions between an organization's applications, its customers, and the organization itself. New Relic's platform helps power devops strategies by allowing teams to work together to monitor all parts of the stack, says Stevan Arychuk, senior product manager at New Relic.

"New Relic provides software analytics capabilities to development and operations teams so they can deliver higher-quality software faster and with less risk," Arychuk says. "Dev and ops teams have different needs and perspectives; leveraging data and analytics that represent these perspectives and across both technical and business stacks drives collaboration and a common, shared understanding between teams."

8. Takipi

Useful devops tools: Takipi

Takipi is a tool for detecting and fixing coding errors that supports JVM languages and runs as a Java agent. Information is captured without relying on logs. "We handle a problem that is one of the most painful and time-consuming issues that developers and devops face, which is when something breaks in your production application, the typical process of troubleshooting is going through the log files and try to reproduce the problem," says Ohad Almog, Takipi vice president of customer success. Usually, there isn't enough information in these files, he adds.

"Instead, Takipi will give you a full reproduction of the problem as if you were there," Almog says. Taboola, which provides a content marketing platform for the Web, has used Takipi to monitor its Apache Spark data-processing stack.

Source: Computerworld UK


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